Setting MailChimp tags from WordPress

Settings MailChimp tags from WooCommerce

MallChimp has lots of powerful functionality to help you succeed with your email marketing efforts. One of these functionalities is the ability to place meaningful tags your contacts. For instance, …

WunderaAutomation 1.5.3 is out

WunderAutomation 1.5.3

Today we’re releasing WunderAutomation 1.5.3 on the WordPress repo. We haven’t officially announced any patch release since 1.5.0, so this post describes what have been added and fixed since that …

How to integrate WunderAutomation and Zapier

Zapier and WunderAutomation

In this tutorial we’re showing you how to use WunderAutomation to trigger zaps in Zapier via webhooks. We will show how to send custom data to the Zapier webhook and …