We are a group of Swedish/Italian developers with years of experience in the WordPress ecosystem as site builders, long term maintainers developers and integrators. We created Wundermatics as a way to productize some of the WordPress challenges that we’ve previously solved for our clients.

Wundermatics and Wundermatics.com is a development project from Torgesta Technology AB. Contact information:

Torgesta Technology AB
Högalidsgatan 46A
SE-117 30 Stockholm

Email: hello@wundermatics.com


Our main product, WunderAutomation is the result of itching a scratch that we’ve had a long time. A very common piece of functionality that we’ve added to countless of WordPress sites is the WordPress equivalent of “If This Then That” (or Zapier for those who prefer that). The goto solution is almost always to write up a piece of code that detects certain events and takes a certain action. In a good scenario, that’s a fire and forget kind of deal, but a little too often, it’s a maintenance accident waiting to happen. There’s a few reasons for this; developers forgets, maintainers are replaced, plugin functionality changes over time just to name a few.

And perhaps the most important problem: Code based solutions are mostly hidden from everyone but other coders. The typical WordPress administrator doesn’t regularly have much reason to look at code. Many doesn’t even know where to look for it or have any real chance of understand. Many WordPress customizations are effectively hidden from plain sight.

WunderAutomation solves this problem by providing a human readable way to add functionality to WordPress letting non-technical users create simple workflows with a friendly, yet advanced, user interface. Read more about WunderAutomation.