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What? Out of stock? Why can I not order this product?

Starting from February 12th, 2022 we are not offering this plugin as a stand alone add-on for WunderAutomation. Instead we offer WunderAutomation Pro that contains support for MailChimp, MailPoet, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, WP Forms and Contact Form 7 as well as some other premium features. If you have any questions about this change and what it means for you, don’t hesitate to contact support.

Existing customer? Don’t worry your license has been grandfathered in so no matter how long you have been a paying customer your current license also works for WunderAutomation Pro and the price stays the same forever. You should have received an email with instructions on how to upgrade and the WunderAutomation Pro download is available on your accounts page.


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Current version: 1.3.1
Requires WordPress Version: 4.7
Requires PHP Version: 5.6


Get unprecedented control of your MailChimp audience by combining the MailChimp specific triggers and actions. MailChimp for WunderAutomation adds triggers and actions to help you manage your MailChimp contacts using WunderAutomation workflows.


  • Receive webhooks from MailChimp when a contact is added or removed from your MailChimp list. Use this trigger to take action when a new subscriber is added. For inspiration, look at this tutorial to learn how to generate unique WooCommerce coupons for all new subscribers, regardless of how they were added to your MailChimp audience.


  • Add new contact to an existing MailChimp list
  • Update contact data, VIP-status, subscriber status etc. using the Update contact action.
  • Add or remove tags from a contact using the Add / Remove tag action,
  • Trigger MailChimp automations using the Trigger Event action.


Requirements for this plugin

MailChimp for Wunderautomation

How do I download this plugin?

This is a premium plugin that requires you to first purchase a license from this website. After the purchase you will receive an email with download instructions for the plugin.

What are the requirements for this plugin?

This plugin is an addon to WunderAutomation and will require you to install that plugin first.

You can download WunderAutomation free from this page, but it’s also published on the  WordPress plugin repository. So the easiest way to install WunderAutomation is via the plugins page on your WordPress dashboard.

We test our plugins on the latest major versions of WordPress and PHP, but we recommend all our users to always use the latest version of both WordPress, PHP and other dependant plugins. All our plugins has relevant version information available on the product page.

Minimum requirements

  • PHP 7.3 or newer

MailChimp for WunderAutomation will run on PHP 5.6 or newer, but we highly recommend following the official WordPress guidelines that currently recommends PHP 7.3.

Install from within WordPress

  • Visit the plugins page on your dashboard and click ‘Add New’
  • Click ‘Upload plugin’, select the plugin zip file and click ‘Install Now’
  • On the next screen Click ‘Activate’

Install manually

  • Download the zip file
  • Upload the wunderautomation-mailchimp folder from the zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your server
  • Navigate to the Plugins page in WordPress admin and locate the plugin
    Click ‘Activate’


  • Fixes: Wrong JSON created when adding new filters
  • Fixes: Compatibility issue with new 1.6 version object contexts


  • Compatibility with WunderAutomation 1.6


  • Bug fixes


  • New action: Add contact, allows you to create a new MailChimp contact


  • Adds MailChimp Webhook trigger now provides a WordPress user if it can find a matching email address
  • Add/remove tags now accepts a comma separated list of tag names


  • Adds MailChimp Webhook trigger that listens to incoming webhooks from MailChimp
  • Adds filters for update type, list (audience) and email from MailChimp webhooks
  • Adds parameters for update type, list (audience) and email from MailChimp webhooks
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2 reviews for MailChimp for WunderAutomation

  1. Victoria Andersson

    This is so cool, we’ve had digital agencies pitch 100 of hours of bespoke development to solve some of these things. We’re triggering email courses in MailChimp based on WooCommerce purchases and I set the rules myself. Excellent and responsive support when we needed it.

  2. Jessica

    Hands down the smartest way to manage MailChimp from WooCommerce, easy to combine with other plugins (Checkout Field Editor). Love it!

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