Google Sheets for WunderAutomation

Google Sheets connector for WunderAutomation

NOTE: This plugin is awaiting Google API usage approval. Please note that until this approval is granted it’s not possible to use this plugin.

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Google Sheets for WundeAutomation adds additional actions to copy WordPress data to Google Sheets.

This plugin supports two different actions that sends data to Google Sheets

Add Row

With this action, Google Sheets for WunderAutomation will append a new row for each time the action is executed.

Add or Update Row

With this action, Google Sheets for WunderAutomation will first try to locate an existing row with the same unique ID. If found, the row is updated. If not found, a new row is created in the spreadsheet.

Minimum requirements

  • PHP 7.3 or newer

Google Sheets for WunderAutomation will run on PHP 5.6 or newer, but we highly recommend following the official WordPress guidelines that currently recommends PHP 7.3.

Install from within WordPress

  • Visit the plugins page on your dashboard and click ˜Add New”
  • Click ‘Upload plugin’, select the plugin zip file and click ‘Install Now’
  • On the next screen Click ‘Activate’

Install manually

  • Download the zip file
  • Upload the wunderautomation-googlesheets folder from the zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your server
  • Navigate to the Plugins page in WordPress admin and locate the plugin
    Click ‘Activate’


Google Sheets for WunderAutomation is developed as a tool for transferring data from your self hosted WordPress website to Google Sheets. In order to provide this functionality, we are using our Google identity to facilitate the authentication process between your WordPress installation and Google.

When using this plugin, a token and expiry date is stored in your self hosted WordPress database. It is used every time data needs to be written to the Google Sheet you have configured in the WordPress admin area (the WunderAutomation workflow). or Torgesta Technology AB never gets access to this security token. This plugin never transfered to any other location than the MySQL database that your WordPress website connects to. Users are encouraged to ensure that access to the database and / or any backup copies are well protected.


To provide this functionality Google Sheets for WunderAutomation neads read only access to the document listing in your Google Drive. This is needed to make it easer for you to select the correct Google Sheet to copy data to. The application also needs read and write access to individual Google Sheets documents, this is needed to make it possible to add and or update rows in your Google Sheet document.

Terms of service

This application is provided AS IS. or Torgesta Technology AB take no responsibility for any unintended or unwanted behaviour or data loss caused directly or indirectly of using the Google Sheets for WunderAutomation plugin.


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