WunderAutomation 1.4.3 – Date handling and WooCommerce

WunderAutomation 1.4.3 is out

Today we’re releasing WunderAutomation 1.4.3 on the WordPress repo. This release contains bug fixes and a few new filters and actions:

Date handling

We’ve improved functions for parameter date handling and updated the documentation to reflect this. It’s now possible to add and subtract time from a date returned from a parameter

Order notes

We’ve built a new filter to explicitly deal with WooCommerce order notes public / private status, previously there was no way to differentiate between a private or public order note, now there is.

We’ve also added a specific trigger for order notes that emits an Order object instead of a post object. This means that all filters and parameters what normally work with orders are also available for order notes.

Shipping methods and zones

We’ve added shipping method and shipping zone as both filters and parameters. This makes it possible to control workflows based on shipping method or zone. It’s also possible to use these as parameters to emails, Slack messages etc.

Questions or feedback?

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Use the comments section below to ask questions or provide feedback.

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