MailPoet for WunderAutomation 2.0

We’re happy to announce the availability of the 2.0 version of the MailPoet for WunderAutomation addon. This is a major update from the previous versions with several exiting new features.

Existing customers can update to the new version in the WordPress admin section or download the zip-file from the my-account page.

MailPoet Email automation for everyone!

With more than 300k active users, MailPoet is the leader in self hosted newsletters and email marketing in the WordPress world. As if this wasn’t already apparent enough, Automattic recently acquired MailPoet to add it to its existing portfolio of WordPress services and plugins like WooCommerce, Jetpack and Akismet.

We introduced limited support for MailPoet back in August this year in response to a customer request. Based on the interest for the first version, we quickly decided to expand functionality to handle more complex WunderAutomation workflows with MailPoet.

Combining the new abilities of the MailPoet add-on with any of WunderAutomation existing triggers and actions and you’ve got the tools needed for some pretty advanced MailPoet email automations. All self hosted.

MailPoet Zapier connectivity

And if self hosted isn’t enough, WunderAutomation have native support for Zapier right out of the box. Using Zapier connectivity you can connect MailPoet subscription events to the hundreds of other applications supported by Zapier, including Google Docs, Trello or Asana just to name a few.

So what’s new?

New triggers and actions

The main news in the new version is the introduction a set of triggers that makes it possible to start a WunderAutomation workflow when subscribers sign up or are added to MailPoet list. Of course the triggers comes with a set of filters that allows users to fine tune when the workflow should run based on email list, subscriber status or any custom field associated with the subscriber.

We’ve also added three new actions to enable adding and updating subscriber status and which lists they are subscribed to.

Taken together the new triggers and actions makes it possible to both react to events and changes from MailPoet as well as update MailPoet by adding and updating subscribers. Combined with all the existing triggers, actions and parameters that already exists in WunderAutomation, this is the email automation toolbox you thought you’d pay thousands of dollars for.

Custom fields

Since MailPoet has support for subscriber custom fields, so does our add-on. You can add or update custom fields, use them to filter which workflows to run and add them as parameters to any actions you create.

Read the docs

Read more about all triggers, filters, actions and parameters in the add-on documentation

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