WunderAutomation 1.4.0 – HTML emails

WunderAutomation 1.4.0 is out

We’re happy to let you know that WunderAutomation 1.4.0 is available for download from the WordPress plugin repository.

What’s new in 1.4.0

This version brings two new important features: HTML emails and confirmation links as well as a few UX improvements.

HTML Emails

We’ve actually introduced two new actions for sending out HTML emails. First, we have a standard HTML email functionality that allows you to work with templates (style, header and footer). If you have ever customized a WooCommerce email template you will feel right at home. We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve looked at several solutions and decided that mimicking one of the most successful plugins in not wrong. Read more about standard HTML emails here.

Since we know that a lot of our users are using WunderAutomation together with WooCommerce, we also introduced a way to simply piggy back on the WooCommerce settings. If you have WooCommerce installed, you will find a second HTML email action called “Send WooCommerce email”. Using that action, the sent out email will reuse all the templates and settings already in place for your outgoing WooCommerce emails:

Confirmation links

Confirmation links are an interesting concept that stems from the need to sometimes wait for a human to approve things.

A confirmation link is a parameter that is created by one workflow and is meant to be sent out to the user. Then another workflow can detect when that link is clicked and can perform actions.

Behind the scenes, the link keeps track of what type of object that triggered the first workflow and when the link is clicked the second workflow can run filters and perform actions on those objects.

Workflow categories

Workflows now have their own taxonomy to make it easier to group workflows with related functionality. This is a welcome improvements for sites with a lot of active automation workflows

Improved documentation

We’re constantly working to improve WunderAutomation documentation. The main product documentation aims to work as a reference for all functionality offered by this plugin. We’ve also added a few more links from the WunderAutomation admin dashboard to make it easier to find the link to the documentation when needed.

At the time of releasing 1.4.0, we think we’re finally covered all the basic functions. Next step is to move on to some less obvious but extremely powerful tricks, did you for instance know that you can update a custom field with the result of a math calculation?

We’re also providing guides and tutorials in the blog section on this site. These tutorials are usually based on actual customer problems that we’ve solved using WunderAutomation. If you have a specific question or solution that you think others would benefit from knowing about, please contact us so that we can make a tutorial out of it.

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