WunderAutomation 1.3.3 and Forms plugins

WunderAutomation 1.3.3

Note. If you’re curious of how we use semantic versioning in WunderAutomation? Read more about it here.

This week we have released version 1.3.3 of WunderAutomation and and two new form plugins.

Form plugins

We’re very proud to be able to support two of the most popular forms plugins for WordPress. WPForms Lite and Contact Form 7 with more than 3 and 5 million active installations respectively, these are among the real heavy hitters.

We’re going to offer both these new addons for free for a limited time but at least until May 31st 2020.

The Contact Form 7 plugin has been in use at a consulting customer for a while where we’ve used it to build a very nice lead management system. We’re excited to see what our users can make with these two.

New core filters in 1.3.3

Referer URLCompares the http referer URL (text) with the comparison value using the selected operator.
Referer Post idUses internal WordPress functions to resolve the referer URL to a post id. If the refering page is a post, page ,product etc, this filter will let you compare it to a number. Useful to detect the page of a posted form. Also works to figure out which page/post a form was posted from.

New core parameters in 1.3.3

Referer URLLet’s you use the refering URL as text in an action
Referer Post idLets you use the refering post ID in actions, i.e to construct URLs. Also works to figure out which page/post a form was posted from.

New core actions in 1.3.3

Create postTo create a new WordPress post as a response to a triggered event. Typically used to add custom post types (request for offers, leads etc.) in response to a posted form.

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