WunderAutomation 1.3 is out

We’re pleased to announce the availability of WunderAutomation 1.3 on the WordPress plugin repository.

Delayed tasks

The most important new feature is the ability to delay the execution of a workflow a number of minutes, hours, days or weeks. This enables two exiting new tricks for WunderAutomation.

1. Marketing automation

With the ability to delay sending an email, users can now define simple marketing automation workflows. A very popular application for this is to ask for a product review a certain number of days after order completion. With the powerful filtering mechanism in WunderAutomation, users can limit review requests go out to customers that ordered over a specific amount or bought a certain product or from a certain category.

2. Asynchronous handling

A feature perhaps most appreciated by our more technical readers. Delaying the workflow actions by as little as 1 minute means that the actions will be placed in a queue and handled as part of WordPress background processing. This removes any potential delay caused by executing the actions from the original web request. If the workflow was triggered by an end user, this minimizes the risk of slower page loading for them.


We now offer 4 premium extensions to WunderAutomation available right here on wundermatics.com. We’ve also added a menu option in the WordPress dashboard that should make them easier to find without visiting our site.

Telegram for WunderAutomation icon

With the existing extensions it’s possible to connect to popular messaging services like Telegram and Slack. We also offer functionality to integrate into Google Sheets and to send SMS worldwide using Twilio.

We’re more or less always developing bespoke extensions for custom use on customers websites. If you have any specific need, don’t hesitate to contact us via hello@wundermatics.com or in the comments section below. Ideas worth share will most likely become publicly available extensions, but we’re always open for custom development.

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