Introducing the Twilio plugin – SMS Gateway for WordPress

WooCommerce SMS notifications with Twilio and WunderAutomation

Today we released our Twilio integration for WunderAutomation that makes sending SMS messages via Twilio a lot easier. A multi purpose SMS gateway that combines the power of WunderAutomation with one of the worlds leading SMS gateway providers, Twilio.

It has always been possible to send SMS messages from WordPress via WunderAutomation and Twilio by directly using their http API via the ‘REST API Call’ action. But that required some more or less intuitive configuration work. We wrote a tutorial about that a while back and unfortunately, it’s not as much of a no code solution that we were hoping for.

But with this new plugin, we introduce a brand new action to WunderAutomation that allows you to set from, to and message body with ease:

Twilio SMS action - compose your SMS

In the settings screen you control the basic stuff, such as Twilio account SID and default settings for sender number and recipient country:

Get your copy of Twilio for WunderAutomation today. Or in the words of Twilo: We can’t wait to see what you’re building.

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