Use WunderAutomation to connect almost anything in WordPress to Zapier in a matter of minutes, without writing any PHP code. WunderAutomation is the perfect building tool to extend the built in functionality in WordPress (and many popular plugins) without having to write and maintain custom PHP code. Use the Zapier add-on to create powerful automations tailor made for Zapier

By using our human friendly automation engine You will save both time and money. And You will end up with automation workflows that can be understood and maintained by pretty much anyone, no coding skills required.

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Support for Zapier is built in to the free version of WunderAutomation.

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WunderAutomation comes with built in support for Zapier via Webhooks.

Via WunderAutomation, you can send outbound webhooks to Zapier to trigger a Zap. Once you have the trigger set up, you can user any existing Zapier integration to create almost any type of automation you need. Combined with the powerful filtering engine in WunderAutomation you can take your Zapier automation flows to the next level.

WunderAutomation also supports inbound webhook triggers. This means that any Zap in Zapier can start a workflow in WunderAutomation. Any existing integrations you have in Zapier with accounting, CRM, HR or sales system can be extended to also start workflows in WunderAutomation to extend their reach.

Your imagination is the limit

Often used toghether with Zapier

The sky is the limit, but here's a few common combinations that make use of the Zapier add-on

+ MailChimp and Zapier Read more

The following actions and/or triggers are provided to WunderAutomation via the Zapier add-on:


Name Description
Inbound webhook Handles incoming webhooks from Zapier to start a WunderAutomation workflow


Name Description
Outbound webhook Sends webhooks to Zapier to start a Zapier Zap
Support for Zapier is built in to the free version of WunderAutomation.

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