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Use WunderAutomation to connect almost anything in WordPress to internal or external functions in a matter of minutes, without writing any PHP code. WunderAutomation is the perfect building block to bridge the gap between built in functionality in WordPress (and many popular plugins) and having to write and maintain your own custom PHP code. Use the WunderAutotmation -on to create powerful automations tailor made for your WordPress site.

By using our human friendly automation engine You will save both time and money. And You will end up with automation workflows that can be understood and maintained by pretty much anyone, no coding skills required.

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Support for WordPress Core is built in to the free version of WunderAutomation.

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The core of WunderAutomation is a solid support for WordPress core. Most common events and tasks are covered so that you don’t have to write any custom PHP code.

Start workflows when posts are saved, statues are changed, or when users are created or updated. Create powerful rules for your workflows by filtering for status, owner, custom fields, tags or categories for a post, comment or user.

The core plugin supports a  dussin actions that lets you update user roles, post status, custom fields etc. You can create new posts and users, add or remove tags and categories with ease. For power users, it’s also possible to send webhooks or custom HTTP calls to external services, for example to trigger a Zapier or IFTTT automation. The sky is the limit.

Often used toghether with WordPress Core

The sky is the limit, but here's a few common combinations that make use of the WordPress Core

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The following actions and/or triggers are provided in the free version of WunderAutomation:


Name Description
Post created Triggers when a new post (of any post type) is created
Post published Triggers when the post status is changed to pubished
Post pending Triggers when the post status is changed to pending
Post saved Triggers when a post is saved
Post status changed Triggers when a post status changes (any status)
Post trashed Triggers when the post status is changed to trash
Post privatized Triggers when the post status is changed to private
User created Triggers when a new user is created
User login Triggers when a user logs in
User role changed Triggers when a user role is changed
User profile updated Triggers when a user profile is updated (including password change)
Comment submitted Triggers when a new comment is submitted
Comment approved Triggers when a comment is approved
Comment status changed Triggers when a comment changes status
Confirmation link Triggers when someone clicks a link generated with the "Confirmation link" parameter type
Webhook Use this trigger to start a workflow when an external system sends a webhook to WordPress


Name Description
Send plain text email Send a plain text email to any user
Send HTML email Send a customizable HTML email to any user
Create post Create a new post (of any post type)
Create User Create a new WordPress user
Change status Change post status
Change user role Change the role of a user
Add / update custom fielf Add or update a custom field on a post, user, comment or order
Add or remove term Add or remove a term (tag, category, custom taxonomy term) on a post
Send webhook Send a webhook to trigger an action in an external system (Zapier, IFTTT etc)
Send API call Send a custom http request to an external system
Support for WordPress Core is built in to the free version of WunderAutomation.

Download WunderAutomation