WordPress Core and MailChimp


Use WunderAutomation to connect almost anything in WordPress Core to MailChimp in a matter of minutes, without writing any PHP code. WunderAutomation is the perfect building tool to extend the built in functionality in WordPress (and many popular plugins) without having to write and maintain custom PHP code. Use WordPress Core and MailChimp together to create powerful automations tailor made for Your business.

By using our human friendly automation engine You will save both time and money. And You will end up with automation workflows that can be understood and maintained by pretty much anyone, no coding skills required.

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About WordPress Core

The core of WunderAutomation is a solid support for WordPress core. Most common events and tasks are covered so that you don’t have to write any custom PHP code.

Start workflows when posts are saved, statues are changed, or when users are created or updated. Create powerful rules for your workflows by filtering for status, owner, custom fields, tags or categories for a post, comment or user.

The core plugin supports a  dussin actions that lets you update user roles, post status, custom fields etc. You can create new posts and users, add or remove tags and categories with ease. For power users, it’s also possible to send webhooks or custom HTTP calls to external services, for example to trigger a Zapier or IFTTT automation. The sky is the limit.

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About MailChimp

Take your email marketing automation to the next level with WunderAutomations add-on for MailChimp. Use WordPress events, like user logins or WooCommerce orders to set tags on your MailChimp contacts for more efficient segmentation in your email marketing campaigns.

Then tailor it to your exact needs by using the powerful filter system  in WunderAutomation to set different tags depending on what the customer has spent, how many times a user have logged in or almost anything else you may think of.

Or trigger MailChimp Events to leverage the powerful automation enging in MailChimp itself . Then combine it with MailChimp webhooks to trigger WunderAutomation workflows in WordPress when a contact is added to your MailChimp audience. Why not generate a personalized WooCommerce coupons to send out? No code required.

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Popular ways to connect WordPress Core and MailChimp

When... And.. Then
A user is added to a MailChimp audience The user already exists in WordPress Set the VIP flag in MailChimp
A user logs in to WordPress The user has never logged in before Trigger a MailChimp email sequence
A users role is changed in WordPress Set a tag in MailChimp to indicate the current role
A users profile is updated in WordPress Update the Merge fields in MailChimp
A webhook is received from Zapier Trigger a MailChimp event