Actions are where the work gets done. WunderAutomation supports eleven different actions out of the box. There are also a addons that provides additional actions.

Each workflow defines at least one action, but it’s possible to create a chain of actions that can be executed if the filter rules for the workflow passes.

User interface #

Because each action has very specific need for configuration and parameters, each action in WunderAutomation pretty much has its own user interface. Two different actions often look very different from each other. Each of the built in actions and its parameters are documented here.

Parameter handling #

Actions are great in themselves, but what makes the WunderAutomation action handling really powerful is the parameter handling. Parameters works as placeholder values that are resolved at the time of execution. In all text input fields in WunderAutmation actions, it’s possible to use {{ }} in the text. The parameter name and the enclosing curly braces are replaced to an actual value at the time of execution.

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