Semantic versioning in WunderAutomation

All our software uses semantic versioning. All our products are versioned with three numeric elements; MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH. For instance, when we release version 1.3.4 of WunderAutomation.

  • The MAJOR version is 1
  • The MINOR version is 3
  • The PATCH version is 4

Major versions

The major version number is bumped when we introduce breaking changes that would require manual testing and verification after an upgrade.

Minor versions

The minor version number is bumped when we introduce new generic functionality in the core of WunderAutomation in a backward-compatible manner. This could involve things like adding support for delayed workflows (version 1.3) or chaining workflows (future version 1.5). When the minor version is bumped up, none of your existing workflows should be affected, but we encourage you to test and verify.


A new patch version is released whenever we fix bugs or other smaller improvements to the product.

Please note: WunderAutomation is a very modular product where triggers, actions, etc. can be provided both by the core product and by add-ons, A patch release may therefore also include new triggers, filters, actions, and parameters to the core product.

Updating WunderAutomation

We always encourage our users to be on the latest available version of our software, but all software updates introduce some level of risk. When upgrading WunderAutomation or any other WordPress plugins our general advice is to always ensure you have a recent backup available and the knowledge on how to restore it.

  • For PATCH updates: This is very low risk. We recommend you do the upgrade as soon as convenient.
  • For MINOR version updates: This is almost always a risk-free update. We encourage you to read the release notes extra carefully to determine if any functionality that’s important to you is affected.
  • For MAJOR version updates: This might introduce features that are not backward compatible. We encourage you to perform the upgrade on a test system and perform necessary tests before proceeding to update your production environment.