Send MailPoet mail

This action is similar to the built in email sending actions of WunderAutomation. But it uses a pre-defined MailPoet email as its template. This makes it easy to reuse MailPoet templates in transactional emails like notifications.


Field / parameter Description
Template The MailPoet template to use for this email.
To Recipient(s). Separate multiple email addresses with comma.
Subject Email subject.
Pre header Optional text that will appear beside or under the email subject in most email clients. If left blank, any pre-header defined in the MailPoet template will be used.
Message Email body. Message will display in sent email using the MailPoet shortcode [wunderauto:message].

Additional MailPoet shortcodes

The Send MailPoet mail can optionally populate shortcodes used in the Email template. This can be used to personalize outgoing emails using hard coded values or any WunderAutomation parameter, such as generating a new WooCommerce coupon.


Change status

This action updates the current (global) status of a user.


Field / parameter Description
Email address The MailPoet subscriber to update.
New status The new status.

Add or update subscriber

Adds a new MailPoet subscriber or if it already exists, updates an existing subscriber.


Field / parameter Description
Email address The email address.
First name Subscriber’s first name.
Last name Subscriber’s last name.
Status New subscriber’s status.

Note that setting a new subscriber’s status may have legal implications depending on your jurisdiction. Make sure to never add subscribers without explicit consent.

Additional subscriber fields

When creating a new subscriber it’s possible to populate any existing MailPoet custom fields. The value of the field may be hardcoded on any WunderAutomation parameter.


Add subscriber to list

This adds an existing subscriber to a MailPoet list.


Field / parameter Description
Email address The subscriber email address.
List MailPoet list to add subscriber to.
Send confirmation email Determines if the MailPoet confirmation email should be sent out or not.
Send Welcome Email If the email list has a welcome email associated with it, this checkbox determines if that email should be sent out or not.
Skip subscriber notification Determines if a subscriber notification should be sent out to the administrator.