Using functions

Calculated Fields for ACF supports using a number of functions. A function always has the format of a name, an opening parenthesis, an argument and a closing parenthesis. The argument can be any other valid expression including other fields, constants and calculations using operators.

All functions in Calculated Fields for ACF takes exactly one argument.


Supported functions

Function Description
round Round fractions up or down to the nearest integer
ceil Round fractions up to the nearest integer
floor Round fractions down to the nearest integer
sin Sine
sinh Hyperbolic sine
arcsin or asin Arc sine
arcsinh or asinh Inverse hyperbolic sine
cos Cosine
cosh Hyperbolic cosine
arccos or acos Arc cosine
arccosh or acosh Inverse hyperbolic cosine
tan Tangent
tanh Hyperbolic tangent
arctan or atan Arc tangent
arctanh or atanh Inverse hyperbolic tangent
sqrt Square root
abs Absolute value
ln or log Natural logarithm