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The standard email sending methods in WunderAutomation allows you to optionally set the email From address.

Since WunderAutomation uses the built in wp_mail() function the outgoing mail will be sent using the standard WordPress from-address. Unless you have changed this standard address using any of the available methods the from-address will default to “WordPress <>. This may not be what you want.

Enabling the from address field #

When editing an email sending action. Make sure you check the “From and Reply-to” checkbox to display the From address input field:

Note: This will also show the reply-to field.

RFC 822 Email addresses #

A correctly formatted email address formally consists of a from name and a from address. The RFC 822 format for providing both of these are:

Name <>

Where the individual parts are:

NameThe display name that shows up in the recipient inbox. For a personal sender this is typically First name last name (“Harry Potter”) , for an organization it’s often something like Support or Sales (“Howgarts support”)
Brackets <>Encloses the email address
alias@example.comThe email address

Setting the display name #

If you want to control both the display name and the email address of when sending out an email the best method is therefore to set the entire rfc 822 formatted string with the display name and the email address within brackets.

If you omit the display name, WunderAutomation will automatically add the email address as the display name.

From fieldResulting rfc 822 address <>
Hi <>Hi <>

In short, if you want to show something else than the raw email address in your recipients inboxes, make sure you specify the display name and type the email address inside the <> brackets.

Note: WunderAutomation doesn’t have a global setting for the From-field. If you have multiple workflows / actions that send out email, you need to set the From-field individually in each of these actions.

WordPress is flexible #

The wp_mail() function also allows WordPress filters to change both the email address and the display name. By using the filters wp_mail_from and wp_mail_from_name any third party plugin, theme or code snippet may hook in to change these values.

Depending on your WordPress setup, It’s quite possible that you have code that alters these values and makes the email appear differently in your users inboxes.

Older versions of WunderAutomation #

In versions prior to WunderAutomation 1.5.10, the display name wasn’t assigned automatically when using any of the built in email sending actions. If you are using an older version and need to control the display name, please type the complete formal rcf 822 address in the From-field.

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