Using the remote IP Address filter

The remote IP address filter lets you filter workflows based on what network the requester (web browser or script) comes from.

Defining allowed or denied networks #

There are three ways ways to describe the remote IP addresses you want to allow:

Range #

NetworkDescription – IP addressees in the indicated range

Wildcards #

192.168.0.*Any IP address that starts with 192.168.0
192.168.*.*Any IP address that starts with 192.168

Slash notation #

NetworkDescription IP address in the range – IP address in the range – IP address in the range –

Determining the remote IP address #

The remote IP address is determined using two http headers provided by Apache or Nginx. There’s an almost infinite number of ways to configure web servers together with reverse proxies, load balancers etc. so this may be subject to change. Currently (from WunderAutomation 1.5.2), the following http headers are used:


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