MailChimp for WunderAutomation

MailChimp for WunderAutomation provides triggers, filters, parameters and actions to manage MailChimp contacts and lists/audiences.

Please see Requirements section below

Triggers #

MailChimp for WunderAutomation provides a trigger that can handle incoming webhooks from the MailChimp service. MailChimp describes how to set up a new webhook here.

MailChimp Webhook #

This trigger has only one field

IdentifierA Unique string that identifies this webhook. When first selecting this action, a random code is generated.

You can edit the identifier if you prefer a different UR, but note that you can only use lower case characters a-z, 0-9, – (dash) and _ (underscore).

Filters #

Read more about using filters here.

The following filters are provided for workflows using MailChimp Webhook as trigger:

MailChimp ListChecks if the MailChimp list (single value) is the specified as comparison value. Use this to make sure the MailChimp webhook is notifying about the MailChimp list you expect.
MailChimp EmailChecks if the email address (string) provided with the MailChimp webhook matches with the comparison value using the selected operator. Use this to exclude certain addresses / domains.
MailChimp update typeChecks the update type that the MailChimp webhook notified about.

Parameters #

The following parameters become available whenever the trigger that starts the workflow provides is the MailChimp webook:

mailchimp.update_typeReturns the name (label) or code of the updated type provided by the MailChimp webhook
mailchimp.listReturns the name (label) or id of the list provided by the MailChimp webhook
mailchimp.emailReturns the address provided by the MailChimp webhook

Actions #

The core functionality of MailChimp for WunderAutomation is to provide actions to help you control your email marketing efforts.

For the actions to find the correct MailChimp contact to update, the following fileds are mandatory for all four actions:

AudienceSelect the target MailChimp audience / list
Email addressThe email address / contact that the action should update. Use a parameter placeholder or a hard coded value.

Depending on the situation, this will typically be (WooCommerce order), or

Update contact #

Updates basic information and merge fields for a contact.

Optional fields #

StatusUpdates the contact status to the selected value. Please note that forcing a contact to status “subscribed” without a clear consent may be a legal violation.
VIP statusAdds or removes VIP status for the contact
Email typeSets the email type to HTML or text.

Select which fields to update by clicking the checkbox at each field name.

Merge fields #

Each MailChimp list have a set of merge fields. You can add or update merge fields for the list using this action. It will display all found merge fields associated with the selected list. It’s not possible to add new merge fields using this action, that is best done using the MailChimp web ui.

Click the checkbox next to each field to enable it for update. Use a parameter placeholder or a hard coded value.

Updating the address merge field #

The address merge field is one of the standard MailChimp merge fields. It’s special because it contains six subfields. If you update the address field, you update all six sub fields at once.

A note about the Country field. By default, MailChimp expects a 2-character ISO country code in this field. WunderAutomation automatically translates most country names in most languages to the correct ISO code. If WunderAutomation can’t resolve the country, MailChimp will default to “USA”.

For example, any of the following string that appears in an address will resolve to the country code for “FI” (Finland).

StringDetected language

Updating the birthday merge field #

The birthday merge field expects a date in the format “DD/MM”. It’s possible to format a WunderAutomation parameter to the correct format using the string “d/m”.

Add contact #

Adds a new contact to a MailChimp audience. Add contact uses the same optional and merge fields as the Update contact action.

Add or remove tag #

Add or removes MailChimp tags on a contact.

Aside from the normal mandatory fields. The following fields are needed:

Add or removeDropdown. Select if you want the action to add or remove a MailChimp tag
TagThe name of the tag to add or remove

Trigger event #

Allows you to trigger a MailChimp event. Read more about MailChimp events here. Events can be used to trigger MailChimp automations, for example to send out a remainder to write a review after purchase. They can also be used for advanced segmentation in MailChimp.

In addition to the normal mandatory fields for the MailChimp actions, you also need to provide an event name.

Event nameThe name of the event. Note that the event name must be a minimum of two characters and a maximum of 30 characters. We recommend that you format the event name as a verb-noun phrase to match the other activities in a contact’s profile

Event parameters #

To make events even more powerful, it’s possible to add an unlimited amount of parameters to an event. In WunderAutomation, you do this by clicking “Add event parameter”.

KeyThe name / identifier of the parameter
ValueUse a parameter placeholder or a hard coded value.

Read more about how to use event parameters in MailChimp automations here.

Requirements #

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