Event parameters in MailChimp emails

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Getting started #

Assuming you create a MailChimp “Trigger Event” action that triggers the event named “foobar” and provides the property “coupon”.

This is how to use this event parameters in a MailChimp automation.

Step 1 – Create an automation email by selecting “Email” from the “Automate menu in MailChimp:

Step 2 – Select the “API” tab and click “Event API”:

Step 3 – Give the campaign an name and select the audience and then click “Begin”:

Step 4 – Edit the trigger settings and set the Event Name to “foobar”:

Step 5 – Edit the email:

Set the email from, to and subject a per usual, then in the email editor. You can access the parameters provided using the MailChimp merge field syntax:

Access the “coupon” parameter using the merge tag: *|EVENT:coupon|*

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