WooCommerce and Twilio


Use WunderAutomation to connect almost anything in WooCommerce to Twilio in a matter of minutes, without writing any PHP code. WunderAutomation is the perfect building tool to extend the built in functionality in WordPress (and many popular plugins) without having to write and maintain custom PHP code. Use WooCommerce and Twilio together to create powerful automations tailor made for Your business.

By using our human friendly automation engine You will save both time and money. And You will end up with automation workflows that can be understood and maintained by pretty much anyone, no coding skills required.

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About WooCommerce

WunderAutomation comes with built in support for WooCommerce. Support includes triggers for new orders, changes in order status, new order notes etc.

Filters and parameters include support for order properties like order total, fees, billing fields, shipping fields, credit card fees and more.

Among the WooCommerce specific actions, you can update order status, add or modify order custom fields and add order notes.

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About Twilio

The Twilio add-on let’s your extend WordPress notification capabilities with SMS via the Twilio service.

You get global reach to over 150 countries, delivery intelligence and the highest reliability over both IP and carrier networks, all with absolutely no development effort. Send SMS updates to colleagues when new new posts are published or new comments are submitted. You can also use this add-on to notify customers when their order status is updated or receive an SMS message when a customer places a new order.


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Popular ways to connect WooCommerce and Twilio

When... And.. Then
A new order is created The order has payment method 'Invoice' Send an SMS notification to the shop admin to do manual credit check
An new order is created It's the customers first purchase in the shop Send an SMS with a confirmation link to the customer asking to verify the phone number
An order is saved The order has shipping info with link saved in a custom field Send an SMS to the customer with the shipment information and link
A private order note is added The order note contains the word "URGENT" Send an SMS with the order note content to the shop admin